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What days can you order for delivery/pick up?

We are open from Wednesday to Saturday. 

Do you have a retail store?

Our retail shop is at 356 Great North Road, Grey Lynn. We are open from 8am to 1pm, Weds to Friday and 8.30am to 12pm on Saturdays. You may come by and purchase as many donuts as are available. 

Will the same flavours be available to order?

We have a range of core flavours available daily that do not change and have 3 additional premium flavours which change weekly. 

What areas do you deliver to?

We deliver to any location within a 30km distance from our premises at 356 Great North Road, Grey Lynn. You can see if we deliver to your place by going through the process to order online, you will have to select your box and add to cart. Before you checkout you can add your address and check.

Delivery Prices

Central Auckland - 0km to 5km - $12.50
Wider Auckland - 5km to 10km - $17.50
Wider Auckland - 10km to 15km - $20
Wider Auckland - 15km to 20km - $25
Wider Auckland - 20km to 25km - $30
Wider Auckland - 25km to 30km - $35

What time can I expect to have my donuts delivered by?

We aim to complete all deliveries between 9am & 3pm.

What happens if no one is at the delivery address when my order arrives?

As we ALWAYS recommend our donuts are eaten FRESH AF, please ensure someone is there to receive your box. As we do not offer a re-delivery service, if no one is home, we will endeavor to contact you by phone to let you know it has arrived. At this point, DOE ceases responsibility for your order and it's a race between you and a potential army of ants to reach them first!

What if I'm late to pick up my donuts?

It is important that you please stick to your selected pick up time. If you are running late, please give us a call or text to let us know. If you are not here by your selected pick up time and have not successfully made contact with us, then you will miss out on your donuts. There will be no refunds.

What donuts can I have with x allergy?

If you have food allergies of any kind, we kindly advise that you do not consume any of our products. We cannot guarantee our products are free from allergens.

Can I eat my donuts the next day?

As donuts are a deliciously deep-fried product the shelf life is not as long as a baked good. Therefore, we recommend eating your donuts within 5 hours of delivery. If your donuts contain a fresh cream filling or topping, please keep them refrigerated until consumption. 

What is your Auckland Council food safety grade?

Our food safety grade is an A - Date issued 4th August 2020 & Expiry date - 16 January 2022.