Lemon Meringue

Lemon cream filled, topped with torched Italian meringue


Bubblegum glazed donut, topped with sprinkles


Homemade marshmallow fluff filled, dunked in chocolate ganache and topped with a biscuit crumb

Chocolate Ganache with Raspberries

Dark chocolate ganache coated donut, topped with freeze-dried raspberries

Apple Pie

Spiced apple filling, topped with burnt butter frosting and homemade oaty-almond-coconut granola

Fairy Bread

Covered in burnt butter frosting and dunked in 100’s and 1000’s

Crème Brûlée

Filled with vanilla crème patisserie, covered in a vanilla glaze and torched to a burnt sugar shell

Caramel Salt Bae

Filled with our famous salted caramel sauce and rolled in cinnamon sugar

Fineapple Pie

Pacific island pineapple custard filled, covered in a vanilla glaze and topped with a dollop of fresh cream and freeze-dried pineapple pieces

Coconut Bun

Covered in an organic coconut cream whip, sprinkled with toasted coconut flakes

Triple Berry

Triple berry glazed donut using real berries, sprinkled with freeze-dried raspberries


Vanilla cream and raspberry jam filled, dunked in a chocolate glaze and rolled in coconut flakes

Lemon Poppyseed

Lemon and poppyseed glazed

Chocolate Peanut

Filled with our special Pic’s peanut mousse, dunked in chocolate ganache and sprinkled with roasted, salted peanuts


Passionfruit glazed donut topped with a shortbread cookie crumb


Covered in chocolate frosting and our very own afghan cookie crumb, drizzled with chocolate and topped with walnut praline pieces

PB & J

Pic’s peanut mousse and raspberry jam sandwiched donut, covered in a light peanut glaze

Strawberry Bomb

Fresh strawberries and cream donut sandwich, dunked in a strawberry glaze made with real strawberries (Summer only)

OG Jam & Cream

Mascarpone vanilla cream and raspberry jam packed, rolled in cinnamon sugar

Banana Custard

Real banana custard filled, rolled in powdered sugar

Chocolate Custard

Dark chocolate custard filled, rolled in powdered sugar

Mallowed Out

Dulce de leche filled, topped with toasted marshmallow fluff


Pandan custard filled, rolled in powdered sugar

Black Forest

Filled with cherry compote, cream and covered in rich chocolate ganache


Dipped in Caramilk ganache and topped with Caramilk cream and shaved Caramilk chunks

Honey & Orange Thyme Cream

Honey & orange thyme cream filled, rolled in sugar